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How an Awning Color Can Help Your Business

Have you ever walked into a store and noticed posters and signs in a significantly bold color that attracted your attention? That is because certain colors can affect a customer’s mood and spending behavior. Brands use psychology to appeal to their potential customers.

Having a custom awning created for your business will lead to more new customers walking through your door. The perfect awning design and color will send a positive message about your products and services, and could ultimately help you increase sales.


  • Green is the color of money, health, nature. Customers usually feel comfortable seeing green inside a store.
  • Red is the color of power. It is the most popular color for marketing.
  • Orange can mean many things to people. It can evoke a feeling of power, energy or even fun. It is an attracting color for young children.
  • Blue signifies trust and wisdom.
  • Pink tends to attract females, and usually, signifies sales of feminine products and services catering to women.
  • Yellow is also a power color. Typically used to signify caution, it can also exude confidence and fun.
  • Purple is the color of royalty and can symbolize luxury products and services.
  • Gold also is a royal color that denotes elegance and wealth.
  • Brown signifies nature and Earth. It can also be used for stability and relaxation.
  • Black can signify elegance and is great when used as a contrast color.

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