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Makeover your home or business with metal awnings

Enjoy a summer day or protect your belongings from the elements.  If you’re ready to enhance your outdoor living space and ensure you always have a place to entertain and enjoy the changing seasons, American Awning is the professional awning manufacturer you need.  With a variety of residential or commercial metal awnings, not only can you install the perfect look, style, and color for your home or business, but you can also keep the shade going all year long.  There’s nothing worse that a torn or broken fabric awning or blistering under the sun during a summer day.  A mental awning is durable and functional to keep you sweat free and protected.

Create an Outdoor Living Area With Residential or Commercial Metal Awnings

If you are looking for ways to entertain or plan your perfect backyard barbecue, finding the space to both entertain and stay cool isn’t always easy.  When you want to make your party a hit, residential or commercial metal awnings create the perfect outdoor area to keep your guests feeling the breeze.

The awning provides shelter from the sun while keeping the temperature of your outside party cooler and more enjoyable.  If you just need a place to enjoy a morning coffee or have dinner with your family, metal awnings are perfect for covering a deck, patio, or picnic area.  While most awnings can be directly attached to your home and made to match the color of your home, ask about our standalone awnings for your yard or to cover a play area.

Protect Your Belongings With a Residential or Commercial Metal Awnings

If you have a classic car, boat, or ATVs, having them open to the elements can lead to chipped paint, bleached interior or fabrics, or water stains or hail damage.  Residential or commercial metal awnings are perfect for covering your belongings quickly and easily.  Building an entire shelter can be costly, however metal awnings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit whatever you need to cover.  These standalone awnings are perfect for quick installation and easy to move whenever you need to.

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